All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Advanced and
Slang Poker Terms

Keeping up with the latest slang poker terms, lingo and advanced poker player jargon

We've dealt with a lot of the standard terms used during poker but there are many advanced and slang poker terms in general use that can confuse a new player. Here's a list that you can refer to of those terms in regular use online and off.


BIG SLICK: When the hole cards dealt to you are Ace-King.

BLINDED OUT: Finding yourself forced out of a game by the blinds.

BOAT: A full house.

BUYING THE POT: Intimidating everyone into folding by placing an extremely aggressive bet.

EFFECTIVE ODDS: The ratio of the total amount of money you can potentially win if you make your hand to the total amount of cash you expect to invest in the pot either by betting or calling to continue from the present round of betting to the completion of the hand. Keep in mind that any opponent wishing to continue in the same hand will have to invest exactly the same sum as you.

HOOKS: A pair of Jacks.

IMPLIED ODDS: The ratio of the total sum of money you anticipate winning if you make your hand to the bet you must now call or otherwise invest in the pot to continue in the hand.

LIMP IN: Just calling a bet and not raising in the hope of encouraging others to raise the pot for you.

OUTS: Cards that can potentially be dealt to you that will make you a winning hand.

POT COMMITTED: Recklessly staying in a hand against reason and discipline because you've over-invested