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Beware of Poker Geeks

Why you should steer clear of the poker playing math whizz!

Beware of the Poker Geeks
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We touched recently on “Game Theory” and how well professionals like Chris “Jesus” Ferguson have exploited it in their rise to success. Fortunately, not many experienced players are maths geeks and be thankful for that.
Ever since Russell Crowe gave his spellbinding performance in “Beautiful Mind” game theory has become a badge of brilliance for anyone who employs the complex mathematical strategies involved. Rather than put your brain through the mental torture of learning this complex stuff, concentrate on spotting these geek-types of individual if they are participating at a table. Best tip: Don’t join the table. There are ways to counter maths geeks and the Brunsons and Iveys of this world can do it but you and I can’t, so don’t try.
Very often exceptional university students will turn their mathematical skills to the risk-reward fun of poker but fortunately for the rest of us they represent only a tiny proportion of the poker playing public and they are very easy to spot on or offline by the way they play. For those of you who would like to develop these talents without the “brain strain” there are now some very good online math-based software programmes aimed at the ordinary poker player. However, your best protection against geeks of all types is to do one of the FREE tutorials at You’ll come away equipped to deal with the majority of situations that occur on or offline and to “sum up” : that’s a mathematical certainty.

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Sunday January 22, 2006: 
Beware of Poker Geeks