All The Aces Daily Poker Column

The Big Slick: ACE-KING

What to do when you have
Ace-King as your hole cards!

If you find yourself with the Big Slick (the term professional players use to describe the hole cards Ace-King) you've got the beginnings of a premium hand. Most experienced players will bet pre-flop on this hand and rightly so under most circumstances. After all, if you see a new company on the stock exchange with great potential there's no point waiting until it's a huge success to invest in it. You want to be in at the outset to be fully rewarded and you take the risks that go with it.

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The ability to swiftly assess risk-reward ratios often define a really good poker player. There are some important factors to keep in mind when considering how to act on receiving Ace-King. The main reason for betting pre-flop is to cut down the field and narrow the odds. This will automatically improve the potential value of your hand at a stroke. The deciding factor is to set the siz