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Brit Successes

British Poker Player Winnings at WSOP 2005 Revealed!

As we unravel all the interesting facts to come out of the recent $80,000,000 World Series of Poker marathon, the emergence of a "Band of Brits" winners is welcome news. From the many different categories of poker, Brit players managed to pocket well over $1,500,000, with the biggest individual win going to Lawrence Gosney, a forty year old from Lancs. Lawrence, a property developer with only three years of playing poker under his belt, managed to pull down a cool $500,000 from a $2,000 no-limit side event.

Once again this underscores the potential all new online players have when it comes to winning the big rewards available in global poker. Other British players trousered amounts ranging from $300,000, $232,000 and $160,000 with several coming in around the $100,000 mark. The $232,000 second place went to none other than one of our recently featured Legends of Poker players, Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot, who yet again demonstrated his prowess on the world stage.

Hopefully all of the above will inspire new players among you to gain as much online experience as possible in preparation for 2006 WSOP.


Chris Moneymaker is probably most famous to poker fans as the guy who led the new wave of poker players reared on the Internet to an outstanding $2,500,000 victory at the 2003 WSOP. Online poker only really started in earnest in the year 2000 and Chris showed the established poker elite that a nine to five accountant who only played for a