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British Celebrity Poker

The British Celebrities Who Just Love Playing Poker!

It's interesting to see the British celebrities joining their American counterparts in enthusing over their newly discovered interest in all things poker. A UK Rat Pack headed up by Johnny Vegas, James "The Cad" Hewitt and maybe even Martin Amis seems to be emerging.

None of these individuals will recognise themselves as possibly twenty-first century Clan contenders but let the Daily Star put the suggestion out there and see if they take the bait. Certainly watching Vegas and Hewitt play on Celebrity Poker Club TV is as engaging as watching Dino fall drunk from his barstool in mid-melody.

The brains and face behind TV's Celebrity Poker Club is none other than established poker pro Victoria Coren who took the role of commentator for the Johnny Vegas programme. As a leading player in the media explosion of poker, Victoria's own background gives clues to her natural aptitude for the game.

She began playing poker as a child, encouraged by her grandfather who was a keen gambler and taught her everything from blackjack to race betting. According to Victoria, snooker players among you maybe harbouring a hidden talent for poker of which you're unaware. She say their self-belief and will to win gives them an instinctive advantage. How does she know this? Why, celebrity sportsmen, of course. It turns out that Steve "I used to be boring" Davis and Jimmy "Whaddya mean I can't smoke" White are just as likely to thrash you at Texas Hold 'Em as they are on a slate table covered with baize.

So what was her favourite celebrity poker game? Apparently it was an off camera showdown with Martin Amis, the beans of which remain unspilled. When poker's Deep Throat contacts us here at the Daily Star and tells all, you'll read it here first.

If any of the above has set the ladies among you thinking you'll never make a good poker player if you weren't born into a gambling family, think again. You'll all remember Claudia "Fame Academy" Winkleman. She of the dark curtain-like e