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Card School Questions And Answers

Card School Questions and Answers
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It's almost always a mistake to show your hole cards after you've bluffed a win. Why let your opposition know if you stole the pot or won it with a premium hand?

It's knowledge they can store for another game and you can live without letting them have that kind of intel for free. Not so at the Gran Casino, Barcelona, where we watched the Spaniards playing a huge tournament revealing their hole cards in taunting fashion to one another, even if they lose. It's a bit like the running of the bulls. They want you to know what they are made of so they can be something else the next time you go heads up with them. It was only just possible to see this happen through a cloud of Cuban cigar smoke so thick it wreathed the table in a cloud of permanent fog. If this had been Nevada and not supercool Barcelona, the entire statewide police force and fire brigade would've been hosing everyone down pre-arrest. Despite the entertainment value, I'd stick to not showing your hole cards, unless you're on holiday in Spain.


Here's a chance to test how well your game is developing. It's a $15-30 game and you are the big blind with king of hearts and queen of diamonds in the hole. The first player limps and the next raises. You and the limper both call. At the flop it's seven of diamonds, queen of clubs and ace of spades, landing you a pair of queens. The situ