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Celebrity Poker Players

Celebrity poker players like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Toby "Spiderman" McGuire can usually command upwards of ten to fifteen million dollars a picture, so it takes a pot like the $7,000,000 on offer at the World Series of Poker to really attract their interest.

Of the top celebrity poker players, Ben Affeck is a natural, having won the California State Poker Championship in 2004 and a cool $350,000 in prize money. Apparently, he is notorious for his aggressive betting style. Its not just the power of his purse that enables Affleck to buy pots. According to Hollywood actor-buddy James Woods, Ben's a fast and mean mathematician.
Spiderman himself is no slouch, having trousered almost $100,000 by winning poker legend Phil Helmuth's Invitational No Limt Hold 'Em Championship last October. He also snapped up another $50,000 at the Doyle Brunson North American Championship by coming in a cool fourth. Maybe opponents were distracted by the red lurex body-stocking or maybe Toby just has what it takes.
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Fellow actor Matt Damon actually went head-to-head with Doyle Brunson, poker's most respected elder statesman, only to find his pair of kings trounced by Doyle's aces. Oscar nominated James Woods only took up poker about eighteen months ago and will tell anyone prepared to listen that he logs on usually every day and usually wins $500 per day. Poker is now blowing through the film community along with Arnie's cigar smoke in terms of popularity. Big stars like 'George' from Seinfeld, Carrie "Star Wars" Fisher, Chevy Chase, Matthew "Friends" Perry and Robert Downey Jnr are leading a charge which includes just about everyone from CP30 to Leonardo Di Caprio. You're in good celebrity company with your newly acquired interest in poker. Of course, if you can spin a web out of some part of your anatomy Toby McGuire's job may be up for grabs and the odds on that being rewarding won't even be a gamble.
When is the best time to bluff? If you're the dealer. Think about it. THe dealer gets to bet last. Watch what the others do. Calling, checking and folding from your opponents is your signal to attempt to buy the pot. Don't bluff early on. Wait until hands have developed.