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Checking For A Free
Ride In Poker

Use the check to gather intel
on weak hands

Use your FREE opportunities to CHECK to gather INTEL
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If you reach a point where all the feedback is telling you the hand you’re holding is not a winner, do not automatically fold. If you still have the opportunity to check, use that opportunity. Think about it. A check is basically a bet that costs you nothing and it takes you that much further into the game for free. A lot of time during online poker games you’ll find yourself in a loose game where you can check right the way through to the turn or even the river and the journey of intel gathering costs you nothing. It’s not often that hanging in on a game on the cheap leads to success but it happens, and if the downside is negligible, keep going. We’ve had a few of these free rides and have on occasion stolen the pot with a low pair. It happens.

Watch for players who go ahead and fold when you can clearly see they could’ve checked. It will be a strong clue that they are either not concentrating (useful intel) or do not understand fully the dynamics of the game (more useful still) or they are impatient and just want to get on with another game and some better cards (this is the best signal of all). Players giving off any of these “tells” are there to be mopped up. Get out your bucket of skills and oblige.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
Saturday December 03
, 2005: 
Checking For A Free Ride in Poker