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Chinese Poker Chips

Up the ante at your next social poker event
with genuine antique poker chips

CHINESE CHIPS: Over three hundred years ago in the Orient fabulous gaming chips were made from mother of pearl and other exotic materials and were brought back to the well-heeled London aristocracy by English traders. The wealthy establishment had already embraced cards as a great way of demonstrating their financial one-up-manship to one another and were invariably great risk takers. Amazingly, these valuable antique chips are available to hire for that special poker evening from and it’s hard to imagine a better way to impress your gambling friends. The fish was the great symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture so some of the chips are shaped  after that image, giving rise to the potential of inviting friends round for a “fish and chips” evening they’re unlikely to ever forget. Might be an idea to vet your pals carefully.  Anyone with a record for being light- fingered might be best left off the guest list. It wasn’t uncommon for shots to be fired in the seventeenth century drawing rooms if cheating of any kind was ever suspected.

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Q: What happens in a game of Texas Hold’em if both players in a showdown have two equal pairs?

A: Texas Hold’em requires the strongest five card hand to win the pot. If both players have the same pairs the “kicker” card (the fifth card in this case) decides the victor. Let’s say both players have a pai