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Darth Vader
Star Poker Wars

Hayden Christensen Heads Up
Celebrity Charity Poker Event

We’ve met some evil folk at the poker table but never Darth Vader himself. Apparently the actor Hayden Christensen who plays the Dark Lord of Star Wars has decided to temporarily ease up on crushing peaceful galaxies in favour of showing his kind side. Hayden is heading up a Texas Hold ’em charity event along with a raft of stars from “Beverly Hills 90210” and “E.R.” in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Our sources inform us his poker style is…wait for it….aggressive. It’s a good cause: May the Force be with him for a change.

How Much Cash To Bring To The Table

We’re often asked what sort of cash should a player bring to the table when engaging in a serious game of poker. Most of the good handbooks would recommend you make sure your resources for any given game are twenty times the big blind. For example in a normal $3-$6 game of no limit Hold’em you’d need to have chips valued at least  $60. However, here’s a tip that really works. If you can manage it, hitting the table with fifty or even a hundred times the big blind gives you an impressive looking stack. This does two things, both of them extremely advantageous. First, a big stack is intimidating. Other players will almost certainly think you’re a serious gambler. They’ll treat you with caution. Secondly, and maybe even more important, a big stack enables you to really capitalise when you do land a premium hand. Nothing is more crushing in poker than finding yourself with a potent array of cards and not enough chips to bet value into the pot and draw out the real reward a “nut” hand deserves. This is a very common experience.


If you find yourself positioned near the button, play any pair you like as long as the pot hasn’t been raised before you’re due to act. Low pairs, threes or fours are fine at this stage. Almost certainly you have no chance of bei