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David Sklansky the Einstein of Poker

In today's poker column: Sklansky revealed, plus the thrill of Roulette!

David Sklansky, the "Einstein" of poker
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We quoted David Sklansky in a recent poker column which provoked a lot of questions from new players, chief among them being, who is he? Sklansky is generally considered to be to poker what Albert Einstein was to physics. Fairly significant! Those of you who are beginning to take your poker very seriously will be interested in reading his Theory Of Poker book, although it isn't quite as accessible as our own Daily Star ALL THE ACES book! The latter is meant to guide you and prepare you for successful poker. The former is a brain dance through the mathematics of odds, implied odds and what Sklansky calls the Fundamental Theorem Of Poker. Our money's on the one that costs just £3.99 but we're barbarians!

A lot of you who go to are keen to take casino breaks during long poker sessions. All you have to do is hit the CASINO button on the homa page and you'll have a choice of 80 games, the most popular of which is roulette.

Let's start with the basics of roulette. Looking down on the green baize you can make either inside bets or outside bets. We'll deal with inside bets first. A straight-up bet is a bet on a single number with odds of thirty-five to one. A street bet is a bet where you cover three numbers and rewards you with odds of 11-1. These street bets can be placed in multiples across the tables if you wish. A split bet enables you to cover two numbers retiurning odds of 17-1. A line bet is a six number bet paying 5-1. A corner bet requires you to cover four numbers using a chip placed at the junction of the four numbers selected and pays 4-1. Outside bets include even money bets on red-black, odds-evens, and high-low which returns your bet plus the value of your bet. An outside dozen bet enables you to cover 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 with a reward of 2-1. Go for the thrill of the spin!

Roulette - Experience the thrill of the spin

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Tuesday December 06,
David Sklansky the Einstein of Poker