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Poker Maniacs

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poker maniacs

Let’s deal with an excellent mail we received on the other day. Our guy is up against a poker maniac who insists on announcing his cards in the chat box as he faces off. On occasions he’s bluffing and at other times he has the goods. Our guy did not cope well with this aggressive onslaught. Here’s what you should attempt to do if you’re faced with a similar psycho.

The first thing you do is turn off your chat system which instantly eliminates the poker maniacs first weapon of attack. The purpose of his chat routine is to confuse and irritate. An excellent ploy on his part. Cut him off at the knees, even threaten to report him to the site. On a lot of sites card announcing is not permitted but it does happen a lot if not checked. Another response would be to stop playing the poker maniac and become a railbird for a while. Watch him play and see how many times he bluffs and how many times he has a premium hand. You should spot a rhythm or enough of one to know when to go for him if you have a strong hand and when to fold in front of his bluster if you don’t have the goods.

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