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Flirting With Poker

Is it possible to find romance
online at the poker table?

Flirting with poker: Is poker fliirting going to lead to romance?

It is possible to find romance online flirting with poker players? On some poker sites, you can tell what sex your opponents are from the Bio information that they have volunteered about themselves, or from the avatar (figure) that they are given at the table. While this isn’t always reliable (the player may want you to believe they are of the opposite sex), you can usually get a feel for whether you are playing a man or woman.

If you are using the chat feature and the chat turns to flirting, the flirting can get more interesting than the game – so beware if you are playing for real money.

Flirting at the table will be tolerated for a little while but you may end up annoying other players so, unless that is your strategy, you might want to invite the other player to leave the table and carry on the chat either in the lobby area of the site, or via IM (internet messaging).

Generally though it’s unlikely that you are going to meet the love of yo