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Friday, June 24 - FAQ

Frequently Asked Poker Questions

Welcome to your daily poker column.The forum is yours so all suggestions are welcome from both poker newbies and experienced players. Let's start by dealing with the frequently asked questions from most newcomers to online gaming.

Q - If I go online for the first time to play poker what will I find once inside one of the sites?
A: The larger sites employ gifted game designers to create a virtual environment which reproduces a real card room atmosphere. You'll have an aerial view of a casino style game of poker. You will be pictured visually alongside one of your opponents. Usually there are ten players sometimes as few as two, and all of them from different parts of the world. Community cards are clearly visible on the table as are those dealt to you as hole cards. Your fund of chips will be visible and to hand. It's just like sitting down to a game in Vegas.

Q - Is my money safe and can I withdraw it whenever I want?
A:  A reputable poker site will allow you to cash out to your bank account when you like. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to deposit only the maximum you're comfortable with. There's nothing to stop you taking your cash out right away if your attitude or circumstances change.

Q - How do I know the site isn't cheating me?
A: Most online poker and casino sites are like our own They are large corporate brands with high profile reputations to protect. There is far too much to lose by cheating players. Regular independent tests of randomness, integrity and security are carried out by companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers and you can study the certificates these bodies issue online if you don't recognise or trust a large site brand for any reason.

We'll continue with our look at how to get started playing online poker tomorrow. In the meantime, be cautious and be lucky!