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Going On Tilt

Don't let poker drive you crazy!

Going on "tilt": Online poker is played at a much faster pace than social poker. This packs more fun and more pots into the game. However, there are situations that this speed brings about which you must prepare for in advance. Going on “tilt” is one of them. Tilt is a uniquely poker expression which describes when a player is caught up in the emotion following a loss and struggles to recoup those losses without pausing to think. If you are not someone who pulls him or herself together quickly following a down turn in your fortunes, you need to remember to step out of a game right away following a loss and wait until you have recovered your common sense and then your discipline. You play poker with reason and experience, not with emotion, unless you like losing. It’s a natural human reaction (emotion) to try to regain a loss in a flurry of heated action. Not a good idea. Revenge on “Lady Bad Luck” is a dish best served cold.

Going on tilt? Don't worry even crazy players can play at the
Going on tilt? Don't worry even crazy poker players
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If you are serious about becoming a regular online poker player a broadband connection is a worthwhile investment. You are far less likely to have connectivity problems and without becoming too technical, it really improves the overall experience of a top of the line, high tech gaming site. Everything functions quicker and better. We’ve all heard stories of people playing on laptops on dial-up lines and being disconnected goin