All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Great Moments in Poker

Daniel Negreanu versus Kido Pham

It's the Bellagio, Las Vegas. World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu folds two pair to a huge bet during the Five Diamond World Poker Classic. Daniel deliberately shows everyone watching the two pair he is laying down in front of an intimidating bet. This is called a big laydown.

A little later, Negreanu was locked in another duel, this time with Kido Pham who had heard about Daniel's big laydown earlier. Pham immediately open-raised $2,500, the button called and Negreanu called another $1,500 from the big bling with Seven-Three of Hearts; Ace of Diamonds; Seven of Clubs; Five of Hearts flopped on the table. Everyone checked. Three of Diamonds followed from the turn, setting up a flush draw on the community cards and handing Daniel two pair for the second time that day.

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Negreanu bets $5,000. Kido calls and raises $20,000. Two other guys call the $20,000, praying it goes check-check on the river.

Queen of Clubs shows up on the river. Daniel checks and Pham slams in $50,000. The button folds along with the fourth player. Daniel is facing his second huge call of the day. Everyone expects another big laydown.

Negreanu looks Pham straight in the eyes and says, "You have the 4-6, don't you?"

Pham doesn't reply, but for a super cool pro, betrays a trace of nervousness.

"You know what? This is my chance to take a shot!" and with that Negreanu calls.

Pham blurt