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High Speed Poker,
and the Legendary Amarillo Slim

How high speed poker can
boost your game - and your brain!

High Speed Poker

In an effort to boost the excitement around TV Poker, several broadcasters have decided to turbo-charge the game with high speed poker by enforcing a fifteen second decision rule. What does this mean? It’s simple. Six players each have just fifteen seconds to act, or their hand is automatically terminated. Two dealers hurl out the cards at exactly the same time, at a speed of over seventy hands per hour. The pace is blistering as the red lights built into the electronic tables blaze away in front of each player signalling just how many seconds they have left to make their play. Everyone becomes very hyped up at this speed with the result that large raises and courageous calls become the order of the day. The pot gets so hot it’s been nicknamed the melting pot. TV tournaments like the Poker Channels’ World Speed Poker Open have kicked the craze off but a lot of the major online sites are lining up software to get in on the fast action. Keep an eye on for an announcement soon if you’ve got the need for speed - high speed poker, that is! 

The legendary Amarillo Slim

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We’ve written about the world’s most famous gambler, Amarillo Slim Preston, a number of times. Over the weeks it has provoked a handful of entertaining questions which we’ve decided to tackle all at once.

Q: Is it true Amarillo made so much money he owns a string of thoroughbred racehorses as well as prize cattle?
A: Absolutely. The stockmen who tend his animals often boast they can ride for three days without reaching the border fence of Slim’s ranch. He’s famously on record himself as sounding a warning about owning thoroughbreds, “You should never have a hobby that eats!”

Q: Is it true that the snakeskin band that winds around Slim’s famous Stetson has emerald green eyes and belonged to a rattler that nearly killed?
A: True!  Slim’s head stockman shot the snake shortly after it bit Amarillo’s hand and promptly skinned the critter on the spot. Slim wears the snakeskin head band as a lucky charm, having survived the normally deadly bite. It’s also true that the rough cut emerald rocks which button his monogrammed shirts were chosen to match the snake’s eyes and that he has Waterford crystal chandeliers in his barn. Add to this his Olympic size swimming pool with a royal flush emblazoned across its tiles and you begin to get the picture of a man who’s proud of his craft and the rewards it can bring.

Q: Did he really win millions of dollars on one bet?
A: Yes! He bet on the outcome of the 1968/9 Super Bowl and won!

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High Speed Poker, and the Legendary Amarillo Slim