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Hostile Flop, Women Poker Players, Under The Gun, and Aeroplane Poker

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Q: What is a “hostile flop”?
Let’s say you are holding ace-king as hole cards and the flop comes six-seven-eight. That flop is screaming out an advantage to someone at your table probably being able to draw to a straight at the turn or the river. However, with your ace-king the community cards aren’t saying anything you want to hear. It’s a “hostile flop” from your point of view. Time to fold.

Q: As a housewife who has just begun to play poker online I’m curious if women have any obvious disadvantages when compared to men?
Not at all. There’s a fabulous quote from one of the top two or three women players in the world, Jennifer “The Lioness” Harman, which goes like this, “Strength is the only real division between men and women, and honestly, it doesn’t take much effort to pick up two cards!” That’s it in a nutshell. Women may have several advantages. For one, they are much less likely to go “on tilt” than men. A majority of women manage their anger much better than their male counterparts. Big plus. They are also much less likely to chase a losing streak. They’re more practical and likely to call it a night if things aren’t going well.

Q: What does "under the gun" mean?
A: Most professionals refer to the sucker seat to the immediate left of the big blind as being under-the-gun.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
Sunday December 11,
Hostile Flop, Women Poker Players, Under The Gun, and Aeroplane Poker