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Hot supermodel teaches you to play poker

We reveal where to find the secret source of poker knowledge dispensed by a red-hot poker babe...

Hot supermodel Caprice teaches you how to play poker

So you've heard all about this poker craze and you want to learn to play poker online. You could read all the many poker articles, poker tips or a poker column to get clued up, but if you don't like reading wouldn't you prefer to have a red-hot supermodel coach you through the basics?

Scientists have shown we pay much more attention to what we are being told if we are aroused. And we pay more attention to attractive people than to unattractive people. So if you want to learn to play poker, who better than a famous supermodel (and a crack poker player to boot!) to teach you?

These high quality poker videos stream right onto your PC, one after the other. They are really high quality and the poker instruction is concise, useful and to the point.

The supermodel in question is American. And yet she's probably more famous to folks in Britain where she is a household name. Personally, I think she's been working on her poker face a little too strenuously (whoaa go easy on the Botox lady!) and isn't quite the hottie that she once was... but she is still one of the top poker babes.

So go listen to Caprice and watch her poker videos here.

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