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Hypnotic Seduction Program For No-Tilt Poker On Hypnosis CDs

New poker hypnosis CDs use hypnotic seduction methods to re-train your mind to stop playing full tilt poker, master your emotions and improve your poker skills... 

NEW HYPNOTIC ADVANTAGE FOR POKER PLAYERS: As poker players we’re always trying to gain an edge. Michelle Burghart has produced a series of “No Tilt” Poker CD’s which use hypnosis to condition the brain to remain cool and calm under stressful situations. The technology is the same as that used by psychologists to calm professional people who are suffering stress in the workplace. According to her website the CD’s make positive suggestions to the subconscious part of the brain and are supposed to enhance all the natural mental powers you already possess. Imagine: You fold a pair of fives only to see two more fives appear on the flop but you stay as cool as ice. You decide to bluff with a hand Captain Hook wouldn’t buy at a junk shop but all your outward tells are of a man with a royal flush.

Why not give hypnotic poker a try and see whether Burghart's hypnotic seduction audios will stop you playing on tilt poker, and help you master your poker skills? If they bring out a CD that will hypnotise my wife into not complaining about my gambling I’ll be on Burghart’s website within minutes, credit card in hand.

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One of the greatest advantages online poker has over ordinary poker is the ability to play tournaments 24/7. If you’re a night owl you can be sure players on the other side of the world are online and all you have to do is sign in. Single-table shootouts are a favourite where you play all the way down to one outright winner but even second and third places receive a piece of the pie. These contests are sometimes called sit-and-goes where you ta