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How Jennifer Tilly shows the way for wanna-be poker champions!

Jennifer Tilly wins Big -- is that your winning pair, Jen?

Hollywood movie star Jennifer Tilly has won her second major poker tournament at the World Poker Tour Ladies Night. This follows her recent success at the World Series Ladies Tournament.

“Everyone thought it was a fluke with my first big win! I had these niggling self-doubts myself. But now I know I can really play! These women are extremely tough pros with a blood lust at the poker table. My goal has always been to win a World Poker Tour event and now I’ve done it!”

All female players just starting out can draw huge encouragement from Jennifer’s achievement. She’s only been playing poker for just over a year. As a busy, working actress, this is an amazing achievement and all working women should take note.

In the words of tour founder Steve Lipscomb, “Regardless of gender, age, education or economic background anyone can become a champion if they work hard and learn the game.”

Jennifer Tilly wins big at the WSOP 2005 - Ladies Champion
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Q: What makes a bad poker player?
A: Anyone who thinks they can combine drinking and playing poker. Drinking can be fun. Poker playing is fun. They don’t mix well. Players who want instant results rather than learning how to win regularly over the long term tend to fail. If you are by nature an indisciplined person you are unlikely to make a good player. If you are unable to honestly study your own personality with the above suggestions in mind, you will have problems. Having said all that, we know bad players who have on occasion won huge amounts. Life’s like that and so is poker.

Always beware if the board becomes “paired” by the turn. Let’s say the board is king of spades - nine of diamonds - five of hearts and the turn produces another king thus pairing the board. Even if you are holding the ultimate hole cards (pocket rockets) you need to beware. Although the two kings have presented you with two excellent high pair it’s extremely likely in a ten player game that someone has made trips of the kings. Depending on how the betting goes and any tells you’re picking up, you may need to toss away a good hand if the price is looking too high.


Bert and Sid are drunk and playing poker late into the night as usual.

“The wife’s learning to drive, Sid. Whaddya think o’ that?”

Sid: “Don’t stand in her way, fer Chrissakes!”


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Jennifer Tilly Wins Big!