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 The Killer Poker Strategy of Poker Bullies

Do you play killer poker?

killer poker strategy of the poker bullies

There’s a saying among the elite in professional poker circles, “Go big or go home!” Now this attitude isn’t for everyone and certainly not if you’re still learning the basics of Texas Hold’em. For certain individuals however, this suits their approach to life and poker just fine. If you begin to study the top dozen or so players in the world, you will see that a majority of them stick fairly close to the “Go big!” mantra. Why does this work?
The average poker player follows a pattern learned early on of raising on good hands, folding on bad hands or swapping those two concepts around when he or she is either bored or feeling confident about trying a bluff. Mr or Mrs Go-Big don’t behave like that. They just raise all the time and you have no idea what they have.

The “Go Big!” crowd are often referred to as Poker Bullies and their craft is known as Killer Poker. It works. If you find yourself at a table or online with one of these characters become a railbird for a while and just watch the action unwind from a safe distance. This will be good for your financial health and your nerves, and more importantly, it will be educational.


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ALL THE ACES poker column:
Monday December 26, 2005: 
Killer Poker Strategy of the Poker Bullies