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Legends of Poker:
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

We explore Chris Ferguson's ability
to work miracles with poker cards!

World Series of Poker winner in the year 2000 was bearded ex-student Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, so named because of his uncanny resemblance to the Son of God and the ability to work miracles with cards.

In a recent interview, Chris pointed out that there are fifty million poker players in the United States alone and only one million, five hundred thousand people worldwide playing poker online. The fact is worth dwelling on. If you think what we have going on today is online Poker Mania you're in for a gaming earthquake of mega-magnitude. To use a Beatles metaphor, today we're somewhere around Love Me Do and Please, Please Me. We have the massive climb towards Rubber Soul and Sergeant Pepper to come!

Some City analysts predict the online market is growing at between fifteen and twenty percent a month. Exciting times with many more positive social implications than gambling naysayers want you to believe.

Several of the largest online groups will in the next few years be indexed Footsie 100 adding enormous performance to pension plans across the nation. Look what gaming did for Nevada, it's population and economy, let alone the fun. The industry can do the same for Britain just at a time when crumbling pension plans are everyone's nightmare. Odds on, we'll all come out winners in the end if the government allows this to flourish.


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