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"Man vs. Vegas"

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Man vs. Vegas
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True story. Guy loses $3,000,000 in the late nineties playing poker in Vegas. His name is Daren Leverenz. He joins the tail end of the dot com boom before the bubble bursts and makes a $1,000,000. He decides fate has offered him a war chest to win back the $2,000,000 he’s still out of pocket. He comes up with a reality TV show where he gives thousands of dollars to people in the street on camera. The only catch is they have to use it to play poker on Daren’s behalf. If the street punters win, Daren shares the profit with them. They never have to risk their own money. A self described adrenaline addict, thirty five year old Leverenz appears to have hit TV goldust with his programme “Man V Vegas” which goes out coast to coast on cable and is already a Stateside success.

Man vs. Vegas -- Darren has his money and is ready to play poker!  Darren goes on tilt during "Man vs. Vegas"
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“I want everyone to share in my roller coaster poker experience!” claims Leverenz. He’s landed an eight show series so his $2,000,000 is on the way back to its rightful owner. Nice to read an authentic story like this close to Christmas. Wake up TV execs. This would work on UK TV. I can see Helen Chamberlain dishing out dosh in Oxford Street right now. Your thoughts and enthusiasms would be welcome at

Don’t enter a $1-$2 game of Texas Hold’em with $35. Always make sure your stack is more than ample for a good run. We see so many newbies run out of cash during $1-$2 games before they catch a premium hand. One good win at a ten seat table gets your money back twice over. Come prepared to finance your downside. If you’re funding is limited play appropriately and go for the 25c-50c option until you’ve built up a powerful stack.

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Wednesday December 14, 2005: 
"Man vs. Vegas"