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Manchester United Casino Scuppered

...Soccer Team to Benefit!

Manchester United Casino idea scuppered

One of the money making plans the Glazers may have hoped would increase the value of Manchester United, namely the building of a Super Casino next to its Old Trafford ground, has now been abandoned. As natural gamblers, we’d say it’s odds-on that the single Government licence available for a Super Casino is likely to go to Blackpool. The “bonus” for Manchester United is that players with a risk-taking nature will spend more time on the training ground and confine any gaming activities to their laptops. So to players and fans alike please “sign on” for FREE at where you can also enjoy eighty casino games and you don’t have to bother with the tuxedo or heavy tips.

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What’s the most important decision you make when playing poker? It’s simple. Hold’em or fold’em. Even professionals will tell you, finding the discipline to fold a good hand is the hardest thing to do in poker. If you get a reasonable pair of hole cards your mind takes over and you’re convinced the flop or the turn or even the river are going to transform your cards into a winning hand. Beyond the flop it’s the sucker’s slippery slope. Don’t worry about the embarrassment factor if you get bluffed out of a respectable hand. If the flop doesn’t bring you what you’re looking for and the feel of the table isn’t right: Fold a good hand. Really successful players will tell you all the time about good hands they folded. Often it’s the most intelligent play you can make.

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Saturday December 24, 2005: 
Manchester United Casino Scuppered