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Millionaire Poker Stakes

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Millionaire Poker Stakes -- what a cool million looks like!

A while ago we demonstrated in the column how a serious gambler like Australian billionaire Kerry Packer was capable of making outrageous bets. He famously offered on one occasion to flip a bragging oil tycoon for the  Texan’s $100,000,000 fortune. The tycoon sensibly declined. A similarly outrageous gambler has emerged recently within the very highest poker circles. A billionaire Texas banker called Andy Beal decided to challenge poker’s elite to a series of mind-boggling high stakes games and asked the legendary Doyle Brunson to assemble a small group of professionals to be confronted one at a time (Heads up). Let’s give you a taste of the kind of money we’re talking about. In one of the games the blinds were initially set at $50,000 and $100,000. If you want the full, entertaining, blow by blow detail of the action, check out “The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King” by Michael Craig. In the meantime, here are a few tasters already in the public domain.

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Brunson put together Howard “The Professor” Lederer, Gus Hansen, Chau Giang and a cluster of similarly eminent poker gurus. On varying occasions the billionaire banker Beal was up $7,000,000, down $6,300,000, $8,000,000 up, and down $5,000,000 thanks to a tour de force from 1992 WSOP Champ Hamid Dastmalchi. Amazingly, Beal finished this episode up $11,700,000 whereupon he paused for breath. On his return to Vegas just two weeks later he promptly lost $6,000,000 in six hours to Todd Brunson. At this point, on behalf of Doyle’s professionals, Howard “The Professor” Lederer, once again stepped up to the plate and promptly deprived billionaire Beal of another $9,300,000 in less than eight hours. Beal returned to Texas only to issue a bigger and better challenge which the professionals are still considering: A $40,000,000 freeze-out! If you love poker, this is your kind of reading and if you haven’t started playing yet, go to right now and become part of this crazy, enthralling game. There’s nothing like it.

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Millionaire Poker Stakes