All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Mobile Phone Gaming

The reality of playing poker and casino games on your mobile phone!

When poker was confined to casinos and private social games it was a relatively small percentage of the population that could enjoy the rewards of Texas Hold 'em and Omaha 8.

Well, satellite TV and to an even larger extent online gaming has changed all that with millions playing poker on their computers every night. Just in case you thought the growth rate of your favourite pastime wasn't unfolding fast enough, standby for the next major lift off. Large mobile phone carriers like Nextel, Cingular and others are already offering relatively inexpensive mobile poker games for just a few pounds a month charged onto your phone bill. Whilst the visuals for table settings and displays can't give the drama that your flat screen PC monitor offers, the games are already quite satisfying enough for folk on the move, caught waiting at airports or on trains and buses. The software is improving by the day and when live games can match the satisfaction level of your PC, the poker playing population is going to make it next quantum jump.



On top of everything else, Poker is about to be massive box office. Madonna's film directing husband, Guy Richie, famous for producing 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', along with Brad Pitt winner 'Snatch', has returned to his roots in the seedy side of London's underground