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The More Poker Air Miles The Better

Why your 'inflight gambling' improves over the length of your journey as a poker player

The More Poker Air Miles The Better -- inflight gambling

Casinos in the sky look like being the norm any time now. The founder of the budget airline RyanAir, Michael O’Leary, has recently announced plans to instigate inflight gambling. If it’s successful he plans to use some of the profits to allocate free flight tickets to regular players. It would be a great way to while away the hours onboard and will probably have the knock-on bonus of cutting down on noisy drunks for so long the curse of budget flights. Poker and drinking don’t mix, unless you’re one of life’s truly determined losers.

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Poker is like football. It has its share of genius. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is probably Hold’em’s answer to the late, great Georgie Best. As a long time student of “game theory” (an interesting offshoot of advanced mathematics), Ferguson has calculated that in any single game of poker the “luck factor” counts for ninety nine per cent and the skill factor just one per cent. However, if you take in a whole tournament of play, the luck factor drops to seventy per cent and the skill factor rises to thirty per cent. Here’s the killer: If you take a year of regular poker playing into account the luck factor goes down to a lowly ten per cent. No wonder professionals do so well time and time again.

Ferguson also holds a PhD in computer science so his method is probably sound. So now you know. If you join today and play regularly for a year, your skill factor will outweigh your luck factor by an aggressive margin by next Christmas. Remember to take one of our FREE tutorials first. They are easy to follow and invaluable if you’re serious about online play.

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Wednesday January 11, 2006: 
The More Poker Air Miles The Better