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Multi Table Poker

Multi-Tabling - How to Play More Than One Poker Game At Once!

Multi-tabling - where you play multi table poker at once! 
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Currently there is a lot of interest in multi-tabling (multi-table poker) and the key is proper setup. You'll need to set your resolution to 1920x1200 or the highest setting. Some sites unfortunately offer a minimized view instead of the full table view.

If you are able, you can use twin monitors with a dual capable video card. It's essential that you are playing with a full colour deck so that the flush potentials are easily recognised and with the sound turned on to hear when it is your turn.

If you are playing up to two tables simultaneously, you can still play both the players and the cards. Start with two low limit tables to get a feel of the speed of play and the level of focus you need to give each table.

It's not hard to remember player types with two tables but as soon as you start to play three or more tables simultaneously , you will find it more tricky to track the players, and will be forced into solely playing the cards and the position. The more tables you play the tighter you should play, as you will be monitoring about fufty hands per hour per table. As soon as you develop the concentration you can venture to multi table at higher limits.

If you have a rake back account here's a final pointer. Maximise your rake back earnings by multi-tabling at four or more tables. Remember, you get paid for every hand you see, so it's eas