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Omaha Poker: Pot Limit Games

Shark players' strategy for Omaha poker

Omaha Poker: Pot Limit Games -- Play with a big stack!
Poker Shark Reveals
How To Make A Six-Figure Income
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If you like playing online Omaha here’s a simple tip. Pick a pot limit game and show up at the table with the biggest stack permissible. Most of the big sites set a maximum starting stack. Usually it’s one hundred times the big blind. Take advantage of that fact. Go into the game with the maximum stack. You don’t have to be Bill Gates. In a $0.50-$1 game you’re only looking at needing a hundred dollars worth of chips. A big stack will intimidate other players into folding when they have reasonable hands and it enables you to put other more stubborn players all-in with a good chance of cleaning them out. It’s a shark among the fish thing. Give it a try instead of just launching into a no-limit Omaha game where your hundred bucks can travel in either direction at high speed and you’re just one of the crowd.

The highly acclaimed BBC Money Programme recently devoted a half-hour programme to the mind blowing statistics surrounding the online poker boom. £1,000,000 a minute is currently being wagered.
What was even more interesting was the single mum with three kids playing online poker at night while her children were asleep. This obviously well adjusted and decent woman, who confessed to enhancing her lifestyle with poker winnings, was given $100 by the BBC to see just how well she faired over a one week period. Initially she dropped to $30 but by the end of her target time of one week she was up $2,400. She claimed by playing with care she was almost always able to turn a monthly profit via her online play with the added and more important benefit, she had daytime free to see more of her kids.

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Friday December 30, 2005: 
Omaha Poker: Pot Limit Games