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Online Poker
Players Beware
of Your Onscreen I.D.

Why you should be careful about
alerting poker opponents to where you live

When you are filling in your on-screen I.D. do not put in the country  where you are playing. Don’t forget that your opponents will be from all over the globe and you don’t want to tell them what time it is where you are playing. Let’s say your time zone indicates to a professional player in California that it’s the middle of the night in London, England. He’s going to figure you’re tired but you can’t sleep. He’s hopeful that you may even be a little drunk (And he may be right on both counts) He, on the other hand, has just got up to a bright sunny west coast day, done his press-ups and had his orange juice and two vitamin C tablets….and he’s planning to have YOU for  breakfast. Don’t give him the intel, especially if it IS the middle of the night