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Poker Legend Phil Ivey and his "no strategy" poker strategy!

We’ve mentioned Phil Ivey in the column on previous occasions but as this young man is widely regarded as the most dangerous man in world poker maybe it’s time to take a closer look and see what we can learn.

Phil believes that physical fitness is becoming an important part of successful poker playing given that endurance in long drawn out tournaments is as much an issue as skill and experience.

“I run three miles a day, go the gym and hit golf balls.” confesses Ivey. “I never play poker for less than six hours at a stretch and if I’m winning you’ll often see me go twenty hours plus. You gotta be fit to do that.” Phil believes that to quit after an hour if you’re losing is not sensible, unless the make up of the table is wrong and things don’t feel right. “You get so you know when to quit. It’s your decisions that are important. If the guys around you are making better decisions than you, then it’s time to quit.”

Apparently, Ivey’s strategy is “no strategy”.

“When you play poker, things change. You can’t go in saying I’ll play this way and that. Good players you come up against read you right away and change. You have to be able to change right along with them.” He’s fond of quoting Mike Tyson in his prime who said famously, “All my opponents have a strategy until they get hit!”

That’s Phil’s parting advice. Be a poker playing chameleon.

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