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How to step up from playing "play money"
poker games to real cash money poker games!

Anyone who has been playing poker for a little while will agree that you don’t know how good or bad you are until you start playing poker games for cash. Play money is a great way to learn your strategies and earn your stripes but when you take that important step and begin betting real money, suddenly your opponents behave with more caution and the maniacs turn from a majority into a minority.

Once you’ve worked on your strategy, go onto and take your time to select the game that’s right for you. Just click the “table tab” and you’ll be offered an impressive list of tables currently available and with valuable info to assist you in making your choice. Let’s give you a taster of three different types of Texas Hold’em: There’s limit hold’em, pot limit and no limit.

In a limit poker game the table stakes establish the bet sizes permitted. In a $3/$6 game each bet starts at $3 and increases to $6 after the turn card is dealt and you are confined to bet, raise or call in those established units. In such a game, it follows that the big blind would be $3 and the small blind $1.50. Whilst selecting games be clear that the type of game can make a big difference to outcome. If you’re a rookie a limit game makes huge sense as the downside is kept well under control and you can’t get snared by any large, aggressive bets.

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In no limit poker pots can reach very large amounts, even where low stakes are involved. It’s also the case in limit poker that pot sizes can often end up being far larger than a beginner might imagine. offers table stakes from 5c/10c right up to $30/$60. Choose wisely to suit your wallet. You’ll need at least ten times the lower stake levels in chips to take a seat at any table. In a $3/$6 limit game you’ll need a minimum of $30. You won’t want to find yourself “short-stacked” if a game gets interesting, so in practice you want to make sure you have enough funding.

A serious player will have fifty times the small blind infront of him at least. Remember, you don’t have to charge into a game where you might need $500 to give a good account of yourself. Scroll down the table list and find a price structure that’s going to be fun rather than a white knuckle ride. Unless you’re into extreme sports.

Choose your pot size: Pot size is the last detail you need to check out. On average even low level pot limit texas hold'em poker games and no limit games can