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FACT: Aggressive Poker Play Wins More Tournaments!

Poker Bully Boys: Aggressive Poker Play
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Once again a major tournament proves the point that aggression wins when it comes to Texas Hold’em.  Two of the most openly aggressive professional poker players in the world, Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, have recently established beyond doubt the power of card thuggery by ending up in the final  three of the classic WSOP Tournament of Champions. This is no ordinary tournament. It’s where the cream meets the cream. One hundred and fourteen of the world’s best players, including the final nine from the WSOP 2005 Main Event, were eligible. Naturally this included $7,500,000 winner Joe Hachem and second placed Steve Dannenmann.

Professionals of the quality of Phil Ivey, Professor Lederer, Harman and Esfandiari, all had to qualify for the Tournament of Champs via a handful of specially organised circuit events. Phil Hellmuth, who will tell anyone who will listen, that he is “the best player in the world”, made it to the final table along with Mike “The Mouth”! Steve  Dannenmann and Tony Bloom had also cruised through to join them in the last nine. “I’m at war with you!” screamed “The Mouth” as he glared at Hellmuth.

Aggression was in the air  twixt Phil and Mike but Hoyt “The Cowboy” Corkins wrecked the potential heads up by busting Hellmuth into third place. Hell ensued from Phil’s mouth, as it frequently does when he doesn’t win. The real “Mouth”, Matusow, went on to take the $1,000,000 prize in a burst of typical savagery and “The Cowboy” lay dead on the beize, exhausted and crushed like a latter day Doc Holliday. So when you’re on later today, remember your aggression. It tends to pay off big time.

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Poker Bully Boys