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A lot of poker players learn their game in what is commonly known as the school of “hard knocks”. You’ll often hear players saying they picked a tip up while losing in Vegas or a strategy that cost them money while playing socially. What this leads to is a fragmented “game play” with lots of holes in it that a well trained shark could pilot a submarine through. Until the online poker revolution almost every player you met had learned by hard experience. Players simply lost money while they cultivated their craft against better prepared opposition. There really is no need for this expensive and painful apprenticeship anymore thanks to the web. The FREE tutorials are the answer. You need to learn a structure and then add the creative bits to it. Nobody would attempt to build a Bentley or a Porsche without creating a substantial and well balanced chassis. Then you can start worrying about wind resistance, cornering capability and winning performance. Poker should be viewed in that light. Do the tutorials. Play in “play money” games. Graduate to real cash and when you feel you can defend yourself, start learning how to attack and hone your aggressive strategies. Build on firm foundations.

We were in a high stakes game over Christmas where a very wealthy young Canadian played some extremely aggressive hands. All of us at the table were concerned we were up against an unknown upstart who might spell real danger. Things boiled down to a piled high heads up where the twenty five year old Canadian was sure he’d won the pot. He genuinely appeared NOT TO KNOW that an admittedly low straight flush( 2-3-4-5-6 of spades to be precise) out-gunned his four kings. Turned out daddy had taught him how to be aggressive and use bucks to bully, but had miss-cued him on hand rankings. Now there’s a hole in the foundations you can slam a torpedo through.

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Friday January 27, 2006: 
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