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The Poker Loser and how NOT to be one

If you're making these mistakes, you're gonna be a POKER LOSER!

The POKER LOSER and how NOT to be one!

When you start to look carefully at the kind of people who lose regularly at poker a few profiles emerge as a warning. Some of those profiles are surprising. For example how many of you would honestly have thought “a gambler” would be a likely loser at poker? It’s a fact. The kind of person who is just as happy playing roulette or blackjack (as well as poker) is unlikely to make a winning poker player. Gamblers love to gamble and they throw money at what entertains them. They see risk as a release from day to day boredom. They are the kind of people who bet on a dog or which striker will score for Manchester United after sixty minutes. They do the Lottery and scratch-cards. Perfectly cool, fun-loving folk but they rarely make successful poker players. On occasions they win a fortune at roulette. They don’t have the time or the inclination to work on developing an edge. To win at poker you must develop an edge. The tutorials at will show you how.

The other losing profile to look out for is the guy who thinks he’s figured it all out and doesn’t feel he needs to learn anything else from anybody. He will always consider his wins were brought about by his skill and that his losses were down to bad luck. When you hear that kind of banter socially or in the chat box, you’re looking at and listening to a long term loser. Take him down.

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When you’re rail-birding on your favourite online site to see what game you might join, take notes of the names being used by players who are playing well and winning. Do this when you are involved in games as well. Make it a “thing that you do”. It’s a human failing that most players continue to use the same name wherever and whenever they play online. Build up a record of the best players and avoid them when choosing a table. You’d be surprised how many of the professional players do this quietly.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
Tuesday December 13, 2005: 
The Poker Loser and how NOT to be one