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Poker Radio Shows

Listings for radio shows and stations dedicated to poker

Poker radio shows and poker radio station

Now you can tune into poker radio shows and poker radio stations to keep up with the latest events, news and happenings in the world of poker. Featuring regular interviews with poker legends past and present, discussions and interviews with poker tournament winners, plus a host of fun poker-related competitions and games streamed over the airwaves.

Here is a list of the available poker radio talk shows and radio stations dedicated to poker:

Poker Wars radio show

Poker Wars
Antonio Pinzari delivers top poker tips live and streaming over the internet in his popular poker radio show "Poker Wars"  -- Mondays 7-9PM Eastern Standard Time.

VC Poker Radio
The World's first 24/7 internet poker radio station. Bursting at the seams with the latest tunes, poker news and features - including interviews with some of the games biggest stars - VC Poker radio provides the perfect soundtrack to your poker play. Hosted by DJ Russ - or The Big R as he likes to be known for some inexplicable reason - you'll also be able to phone in with questions and comments no matter what time of day or night. To have your say, call free on +44 8000 612 536 or email .

Bluff Poker Radio Show

Bluff Poker Radio 
Join Bluff Magazine's Nick and Wally for the nations (USA) only syndicated Poker radio show! (Archived shows online available at the website.) Tune in every Wednesday 8:00 PM EST on Sports Byline USA, Sirius Satellite Radio (122) or the American Forces Radio Network. The show will replay on Thursdays at 10AM EST. Want to participate in the show? Call us on-air toll free (866) 925-8255 or email us at

The Joe Average Poker Radio Show

Joe Average Poker Radio Show
Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, Joe Average Poker is your radio show for all the information needed for today’s poker player. As the name implies, Joe Average poker is devoted to topics of most interest to our core listeners, the average guy or gal who wants to become a better player. Each week, Joe Average Poker Radio will bring you the latest news in the world of poker, insightful interviews with people who are shaping the poker scene, and discussion of strategies which will help you improve your overall poker game and add inches to your bankroll. Host: Fred Mourey Broadcasting on Monday, 9pm- 10pm ET; Tuesday, 10am- 11am ET; Friday, 10am-11am ET.

Poker Talk Show: The Poker Updates radio shows debuted Aug 20th 2005, archived shows with interviews with the top players.

Voice of Poker:
Poker radio broadcast site, with archives. No content, but a forum. Affiliated with ConJelCo.

Gambling Times Poker Radio: An archive of internet radio shows that they have done with interviews with top people in the world of poker.

High Roller Radio:
The internet's first high roller radio station.

All-In Poker Radio Podcast

All-In Poker Radio Podcast: Welcome to the All-In poker podcast where all you need is a chip and a chair to have a good time! Hosted by Brian Mollica and archived online.

I think that covers them all. If I've missed a show, please let me know! You can also check out the poker podcasts page.

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