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Poker Strategy:
Late Position

The advantages of the late
position at the poker table

Poker Strategy: LATE POSITION
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You'll always hear experienced poker players banging on about the beauty of late position and there are good reasons why they do.

Let's say your hole cards have produced a pair of Fives. Not the greatest pair in the world if you are the first person who has to take action, but if you're in a late position and seven out of the ten players at your table fold lousy hands on the way to you, then that low pair is worth a call, given that your odds of landing a third Five at the flop are less than eight to one.

From the good fortune of late position, and the same circumstances set out above, you could take exactly the same view if your hole cards were a Six and Seven or, better still, a Nine and Ten. The key to playing these situations is to only go with them when a majority of players ahead of you have folded their hole cards.

If six players at your table stay in for the flop it changes everything. Obviously, with twelve concealed hole cards out there, if an Ace or a King hits the board on the flop, chances are that there will be someone forming a higher set of trips than your Fives.

If you're late and great and in the dealer's seat you can always try to steal the blinds. If everyone in front of you has folded, make your first action a raise and attempt to intimidate the two blinds. If they fold to your aggression and apparent conviction you steal the blinds. If they buy your bluff and your hand isn't that good, then you can fold at this early stage.

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ALL THE ACES poker column:
December 10, 2005: 
Poker Strategy: Late Position