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Poker Tutorial Questions and Answers

Today's poker tutorial answers your poker questions and will help you improve your game...

Poker tutorial - your poker questions answered in this poker tutorial
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It’s been our habit from time to time in these free poker tutorials to use a few questions and answers so that readers can assess how their casino poker game is developing. Try these for size.


Question A: During tournament play you find yourself heads up. Your stack is four times more valuable than the big blind who limps in. Your hole cards are the ace of spades and the ace of clubs. Should you check? Pile in with a large raise? Or make a raise that your opponent might be tempted to call?

Question B: You have King of spades and King of diamonds as hole cards on the button. Four players ahead of you limp in and you raise three times the big blind. The flop is Jack of hearts-five of clubs and Ace of clubs. You’re faced with two calls and a raise of six times the big blind. What action do you take? Do you call? Do you re-raise? Do you go all-in? Or fold?

Question C: You’re in a $5-$10 game where everyone at the table is deep stacked. You’re dealt five of hearts and five of diamonds in a late position and follow a small raise with your call after two other calls have been made. The flop produces five of spades-seven of hearts- ten of clubs. The raiser bets, another player calls and you decide to call. Another ten shows up at the turn and everyone repeats their previous action. The river delivers a Queen. Everyone checks except the raiser who makes a big bet. All those left in the game have plenty of funds.  Do you re-raise? Call? Fold? Or go all-in?

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Answer A: The strategy is clearly to keep your opponent in the game while realising that pocket rockets are a fabulous hand under any circumstances. You don’t want to edge him out of the game until you have an idea of what he’s holding and you certainly don’t want him to see the flop for free while you’re holding pocket dynamite. The answer is you make a raise that’s within his ability to call.

Answer B: There’s an excellent chance one of your opposing players is holding an ace.  There’s even a likelihood his kicker is a jack or a five. Either way with an ace on the board the chance of a pair of bullets is too great for your kings. It never feels good to fold a high pair but it’s the right play when you see that ace in the community cards.

Answer C: Your hand is good but not invincible by any means. It’s easily possible the raiser made Queen trips at the river following up on a pair of Queens in the hole. You should call. If he re-raises you should bow out with your stack still in tact and pray it’s not a mad bluff.

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Casino Poker Tutorial Questions and Answers