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Poker Virgins On Ultimate Poker Showdown

What happens when you take a bunch of poker virgins and train them up to play poker well...

Poker Virgin -- The Winning Hand of God!

Reality TV has its sites firmly fixed on the exploding online poker market. Channel Five’s latest TV show: Ultimate Poker Showdown is a good case in point. The concept is to take five newbies who’ve just about grasped the basics of the game and turn them into fully fledged pros in nine weeks. The reward for success is £100,000 in crisp virgin pound notes. At the outset the five contestants were only told they were going to be entered into a reality TV show where they would have to use mental gymnastics to win big money. They were NOT told poker was the game they were about to be asked to play. The contestants were blindfolded, taken to a secret destination, and eventually sat down at a poker table. There followed a crash course in poker from the Bellagio’s Tournament Director, Jack McLelland, in which he detailed how rounds of betting are carried out and the way hand ranking works. Physics student Olivia Boeree became the star of the five poker virgins and confessed that once poker gets into your blood it takes a firm hold. Everyone of the contestants admitted to discovering they were closet card sharks and spend every waking hour practicing online now that they’ve got the bug. The highlight of the programme is mega star tuition from the likes of Dave “ Devilfish” Ulliott and the Queen of Hold’em, Annie “The Duchess” Duke.

How long do we have to wait for our own Starbirds to start a “Strip Poker” reality TV show? The odds have got to be good. Any announcements will be made on

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Thursday November
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Poker Virgins on Ultimate Poker Showdown