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List of the best poker player magazines 
from around the world

POKER MAGAZINES - Poker PlayerInside Edge gambling and poker magazineFlush, new poker magazine for online gambling fans

The New UK Poker magazines: Poker Player, Inside Edge, and Flush

Here is a list of some of the most popular print magazines about poker and casino gaming in general. With poker growing ever more popular, new magazines to support poker players are springing up all the time. Card Player is long established, but new magazines like the UK's Poker Player, Inside Edge and Online Gambler are excellent new mags with great production-value and are great reads...

Poker Player Magazine

Flush - launched as 'Your best guide to gambling online', Flush magazine is predominantly about poker with other forms of casino and sports betting included.

Online Gambler - nice freebie poker and casino magazine enclosed within a range of Future mag titles on the newstands

Card Player - this magazine is for hardcore poker players. You can access previous issues online.

Card Player - the hardcore poker magazine

Bluff - rapidly becoming the big player in poker magazines. Recently teamed up with to get exposure to another 5 million readers.

Poker Europa

All In

Woman Poker Player - great looking poker magazine for women poker players.

Las Vegas Sun

Rolling Good Times - Online Gambling Magazine

California Indian Gaming News

Inside Edge - The gambling magazine: discover smarter gambling. Good selection of sports and casino betting, with a good poker section.

International Gaming & Wagering Business
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Native American Casino

Casino Detroit Magazine
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CasinoWire E-Zine
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Gambling Times Magazine

GameMaster Online Magazine
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Gaming Law Review
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Gaming Today
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Las Vegas Sporting News

Casino Player - the magazine for gaming enthusiasts

Poker Player Newspaper - bi-weekly print publication or online versions

Bluff poker magazine