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$7,500,000! That was the first prize won by Australian chiropractor Joseph Hachem, in the main event of the World Series of Poker this year. Even ninth place received $1,000,000 out of the prize fund of $53,000,000-the largest ever offered in any sporting event. “Pokermania” is sweeping the planet-the huge prizes on offer reflect the extent to which media exposure encourages millions of people to play. There are televised high-stakes tournaments and even TV channels dedicated soley to poker. A-list celebrities play the game. It’s the new Formula One. Online poker is leading the way. Even before Chris Moneymaker captured the imagination of the poker world by winning his way through to the $2,500,000 first prize at the 2003 World Series from a $40 online competition, online poker was an unstoppable phenomenon. Today its expansion is explosive. Poker mania is here to stay.

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Some City analysts estimate that the online market is growing at 20% a month. Recent surveys confirm the amount wagered daily in online poker rooms is approaching $75,000,000. In addition, as poker represents just 25% of all online casino revenue, the total amount wagered daily is in the region of $300,000,000. In the UK alone, over twelve million people have played online and the amount wagered has more than quadrupled in the last twelve months. Until recently, serious prize money was available only in real-life events such as the World Series of Poker; but that is about to change. British chef Lee Biddulph recently became the first person to win $1,000,000 in an online competition. Is online poker just a fad that’s reaching its peak? Not likely. In a recent interview WSOP Champion Chris “Jesus” Ferguson explained that there are fifty million poker players in the United States alone and only one and a half million people worldwide currently playing poker online. We’re nowhere near the peak. GET IN ON THE ACTION!

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 27, 2005: 
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