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Poker Betting Strategy

How much you are allowed to bet on each hand depends on the type of poker game you are playing: no limit or limit.

You need to have your poker betting strategy in place.

Pot limit hold 'em games tend to draw tight play from wily older players who have a pretty good grasp of their craft. With a pot limit game, you can find yourself with Kings under the gun wanting to raise a little more but not allowed to do so.

In a pot limit game, you can only raise the amount to call plus the value of the pot. This means that you can nly bet three and a half big blinds at this point, enabling your opponents to call as they follow on in the hope of success, leaving you vulnerable to the outcome of the flop. These situations suit pro players more than enthusiastic beginners.

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The rush with no limit is the deception and bluffing... and busting other players. It's all drama. THe poker TV channels have caused a huge new interest in no limit games where the adrenalin can really get pumping as players and eccentrics bluff for the pot or make the big bet. Here are some tips on how to stay alive in the shark pond.

Don't let the towering piles of chips intimidate you. It's only the structure that changes in no limit. Your focus now is the ratios if the amounts you bet. No limit often boils down to "What do I do when faced with a bet large enough to make my legs numb? Is it a