All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Be a Poker Movie Star

Here's your chance to star in a new poker movie!

Fans of Rounders, Cincinnati Kid and Shade will know there's nothing so entertaining as a good poker movie and now you've got the chance to be in one. Warner Bros are looking for background players and dealers for a new film in the planning stages called "Lucky You".

It's starring Drew Barrymore as a would-be singer who teams up with a pro poker player bent on going head to head with his own father at the World Series in Las Vegas. are the casting company and you can download an application form if you think your poker style is too good for the movie-going public to miss out on. It'll help of course if you have a body like Sharon "Casino" Stone - especially if you're a female! ;-)


These days there are some inspiring stories surrounding online poker but few can match that of the aptly named Chris Moneymaker who turned a $40 online tournament ticket into a $2,500,000 win to become the World Series of Poker Champion in 2003. Clearly online playing has become the new poker university for would-be professional players and potential World Series winners. Chris is not a fan of multi-tabling and his tip to all beginners is to keep focus on table selection before you even think about sitting down. When you've taken your seat watch for "tells" in terms of betting patterns and give on hundred percent of your concentration to just the one game or you'll miss vital clues. Here's an insight into Chris's mindset and style of play when it comes to the use of the all important bluff, "You need to make sure the bluff makes sense. During the 2003 World Series, I bluffed at the worst times to bully players. Bluffing makes sense when a score card hits. Let's say I have 3-5 off suit, the flop comes two of hearts and I'm dead. If the guy I'm up against bets, I might call on the chance that a third heart will hit. That's the scare card, and it's time for a bluff." So now you know.