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Poker Questions and Answers

Beginner's Poker Questions ...and the Poker Answers!

Poker questions and answers

Thanks for sending in your poker questions. Here are the answers to a few of them.

Q: What are nut cards?

A: If you're dealt pocket aces or kings or if the flop produces a flush for you. These are fabulous hands. Nut cards means a great hand.

Q: Do people cheat at online poker? You see stories on the web.

A: It happens but it's easy for a sophisticated site to spot collusion between two players as most have the ability to review hands very easily if there is suspicious play. You're therefore generally safe with the large established sites.

When cheating is detected all winnings are withheld so there's not much incentive anymore.

Q: What's a draw hand?

A: It's the hand with the obvious potential to benefit from a lucky flop.

If you were dealt a six of spades, seven of clubs and flopped a nine of diamonds and a ten of hearts you'd be looking to draw an eight to land a straight run. That's a draw hand.

Q: What's the difference between multi-player poker and casino poker?

A: Casino poker relies heavily on video poker machines which are entertaining but lack the real time excitement and skill level that multi-player Texas hold 'em brings out in you. Video poker has mor