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Poker Scalping

by Darren Power

A poker strategy of preying on new and vulnerable poker players in order to win consistent hourly wages from playing poker.

I'm not sure if Poker Scalping is a recognised term for what I'm about to explain, but for me it sums up a strategy used by a lot of professional gamblers.

That strategy in a nutshell is that of preying on new and vulnerable poker players in order to win consistent hourly wages from playing poker.

Every day thousands of bad poker plays go online at the nets largest poker site and play badly and lose their money. That money is won not just by good poker players but also by poker players who play systematically. That is they play tight they know their odds and they play business like.

These professional players are winning and winning big with some making regular six figure salaries year in and year out.

There is an unlimited supply of bad players to win from and more are added daily. All you have to do is to have a strategy and some tools.

Now maybe "preying on new players" is strong language, but what you have to keep in mind is that these players will lose to somebody and that while they are losing they are getting an education. And to be honest if you dive in to a financial transaction without any real knowledge of what you're doing, other than what you have seen on TV then you have to expect to pay for your education.

There are an unlimited number of players and more come online everyday and the added bonus is that nobody cares if you are winning. No casino heavy looking over your shoulder, no bookmaker cutting your bets. The casino takes a rake from everything you win and all they care about is that you play, they want you playing at their tables.

So how do you get some of this action. Well you need to make sure that you aren't one of the TV poker suckers. You need an education.

Your first step to earning regular poker income is to join a poker room and spend a little time familiarising yourself with the set up, get familiar with the software, watch some games and play some free games.

Your next step is to formulate a simple set of rules that you will play by. You can do this by buying the best poker strategy books over at Amazon. Or you can do it the way we did. And that's by learning from the professionals that already win regularly.

There are a number of guides available online that will teach you how to play to win and if you visit our resource page at we will tell you which ones are worth their weight in gold.

If you get started today there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't be making an extra thousand or two next month and before you know it you will be a six figure winner.

Remember you don't need to be lucky when you have a plan. For resources that will ensure your success with this strategy visit

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