All The Aces Daily Poker Column

Poker Slang Terms

Learning the lingo of the poker tables!

Half the fun of poker is the kind of eccentrics who often play it. A whole new lingo has grown up among the new breed of brash onliners, and to help newbies among you decipher what is going on in the chat rooms, here are a few of the more publishable items. Feel free to send any of your own into us.

Flat Tyres: slang term for a Jack and a Four. (Whadd'ya need a Jack for? Geddit?)

Jackass: a Jack with an Ace.

German Virgins: 9-9 (er... Nein! Nein!)

Ducks: Sorts of speaks for itself: 2-2!

Motown or Jackson Five: rather obviously a Jack and a Five.

Colt 45: As in a Four and Five, John Wayne style.

Magnum: Rumoured to have been christened by Clint Eastwood himself: a Four and a Four.

...slang for great poker!



Q: I understand what a bluff is, but what's a double-bluff?

A: The best example we've ever seen of a double-bluff in action actually turned its user into a superstar millionaire poker champ overnight. It was in the 1998 Championship Event of the World Series and Scotty Nguyen was heads-up in the final game with Kevin McBride. At the final hand Scotty uttered his immortal words, "You call, gonna be all over, baby!" Seasoned professional McBride took Scotty's outburst to be a b