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Poker's Golden Rules Of The Flop

Remember these golden rules to master the Flop!

Poker: Golden Rules of the Flop

Any of you who have been playing for just a little while will have already realised that “the flop” pretty much defines your hand in Texas Hold’em.  In order to assist you to play the flop online more successfully we’ve set out what we consider to be the golden rules to keep in mind.

1) If the flop fails to marry up with any of your hole cards, golden rule number one would be to fold. An exception would occur if you were in a very late position and a majority of the players had folded in front of you.
2) If the flop delivers you a good to premium hand, golden rule number two is to make sure you get value for it. You have to keep the rest of the players involved in the pot so don’t over-bet your nut hand.
3) If your hand is good but NOT premium, it’s a trickier line to tread. Golden rule number three is you need to be aggressive enough to get some of the table to fold and reduce the risk of them picking up competitive hands by the turn or the river. This is where your “feel” for the way the table has been playing will assist your betting decisions.
4) Golden rule number four is seize the opportunity to steal the pot if your position allows it. Let’s say you’re in a late position and no-one has called the blinds. In this case you should raise on any pair, or an ace with a high kicker support card, or even a king accompanied by a queen or a jack. A short-handed game will make the foregoing advice even more appropriate. Frequently in these sorts of situations the blinds may well fold and you will be able to steal the pot. Even if one of the blinds hangs in there, you still have the flop, the turn and the river to fall back on.

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Poker's Golden Rules For the Fabulous Flop