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Poker's Highest Stakes Game Ever

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Fox Sports Network have announced the world's highest stakes sit-and-go poker game in history. THe buy-in will be $10,000,000! Yes, that's ten million just to ENTER! You can imagine how much that narrows down the field. Nobody need be surprised that Phil Ivey is already talking about being bank-rolled for the event which will be televised across the world from the Crown Casino in Sydney, Australia, on the 12th July 2006.

A $10,000,000 BUY-IN!
At least TWO internet qualifiers will be allowed into the game which will inevitably contain at least three or four well-banked professionals and doubtless a couple of Silicone valley billionaires as ripe pickings. Howard "The Professor" Leder is on record with the following statement about the planned game:

"The winner of this event is going to be the guy or girl who can put the whole money thing out of their head. I think if any player starts thinking, 'Oh my God! I've got ten million dollars wrapped up here!' they're gonna freeze and they'll lose! If there's an amateur in the game on a freeroll who can play their normal game while the professionals are freezing up, he or she may have a very good chance!"

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Two American poker pals were playing Texas Hold'em on a bitterly cold Christmas holiday night in their New York apartment.

"There were four inches of snow outside when I arrived for the game, Gary."

"I know," replied Gary. "It's so cold the lawyers actually have their hands in their OWN pockets!"

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Friday December 23, 2005: 
Poker's Highest Stakes Game Ever!