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Private Poker Rooms

Setting up your own private
party online poker rooms

Private poker rooms - set up your own private online poker game

Thanks to technology you can organise your social poker evening online instead of having your mates tip beer all over the carpet, grind crisps into the cat and grope your wife when they’re drunk. You simply create a private poker room on your site of choice and you can choose who you are going to play from your own circle of friends.

A few clicks of the mouse and you’ve named your private poker room and enabled your very own no limit Hold’em game. This allows you to set the blinds at whatever amounts you like. It’s a lot easier than trying to get ten mates to drive across town and all arrive in timely fashion, sober and ready for a serious game of poker, free of banter and endless lies about fictional sexual conquests. Better still you’ll save enough on the bar bill to cover your first hour of betting. There’s also the comfort zone. When you play an unknown opponent online you have to learn all of their tricks and twists through sometimes bitter experience. It’s much harder for your mates to fool you, even when they’re playing you online. You already know their likely responses and style of play.

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It’s important that you and your party all have accounts with the same site and have money deposited so that at any given time when you schedule a game, all the registering etc has been done. On most sites you’ll see a button on the menu bar marked PRIVATE or CUSTOM. Click on it to see games already in progress and you’ll see another button for creating your own game. Choose a name for your private poker rooms that all your friends can remember when they scroll down looking for it at a mutually agreed time. Agree a password that lets you all in. Once all this is set up, it’s easy to fire up once a week at  a pre-arranged time and can become a regular part of your online entertainment. If you want to see how well this works for bunches of friends already doing it, check out

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Private Poker Rooms